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Sticks and Stones
Live performance, flesh toned journal entries digitally projected onto my stomach
10 mins

‘Sticks and Stones’ is a live performance in which extractions from my personal journals were projected onto my stomach in various flesh tones. As people entered my studio, they encountered me standing in front of a digital projector, holding my shirt up so my stomach was exposed. Phrases such as ‘don’t tell them’ and ‘why are you crying’ flash across my stomach in no particular order. These journal extractions are performative materialisations of the confusing memories of tension built within my family following my rape, i.e. who should be told and how much should be shared? Some of the entries are of my own voice and others are recounted conversations, with no distinction built between the two. Words and voices blend into one another to build a strange non-linear blur of words flashing across my skin.