Solo Arts Practice > Ma

2 mins 43 secs

The matriarch of my maternal family, Asmath Majarali Khan, my grandmother, has always been a source of inspiration and power to me. Where I have spent much of my life apart from extended family members; my maternal grandmother spent her entire life immersed in the familial. Family members continually surrounded her, and her home was a place of refuge, a space of communion. As Grandma or 'Ma', as she was known in Trinidad, aged and became more introspective, the Khan family surrounded her more often. A continual whirlwind of activity encircled her, while she became less active. 'Ma' is intended to be a personal investigation of time and place. The film is my process of entering and connecting to Ma’s world in order to solidify my connections to lineage and pay homage to my resilient, loving, and beautiful grandmother.