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Galvanized Suns in Retrograde
Animation by Adrienne Matheuszik and sound by Vanessa Godden
4 min 16 seconds

Galvanized Suns in Retrograde is an animation and sound piece produced by Diasporic Futurisms' co-founders, Adrienne Matheuszik and Vanessa Godden. The video features an animated diasporic rest stop that stretches the expanse of time and space and is accompanied by a composition field recordings captured across Texas, Trinidad and Tobago, and Toronto. The sound in conversation with the animation's aesthetics examines ideas of how adjusting conceptions of temporality can leverage a different reality for diasporic experience.

Commissioned by Diane Hau Yu Wong and Articule for the group exhibition 'capsize // together: building collective futures'. This exhibition ran from May 13 to June 11, 2022 and also featured the work of Devin Ronneberg and Quentin VerCetty.