Curatorial Practice > Galvanized Suns

By Aisha and Andalah Ali
Super-8 film
Un espacio suspendido
By Ana Luisa Bernardez Notz
Documentation of a VR environment
Weeping Gideon Child
By Michaela Bridgemohan
A Glass of 'So Real'
By Jonathan Chan-Choong
Live reading of poem
Hant Quij Cöipaxi Hac
By Antonio Coello
By Luis Navarro Del Angel
Musical improvisation performance
A Vision of the Sun
By Roya DelSol
Experimental film
Future Beginnings
By Kanika Gordon
Blxck Womxn
By Queen Kukoyi
A Parent's wishlist
By Jean-Pierre Marchant
By Olivia Mc Gilchrist
Experimental virtual underwater environments
Welcome to Dee Double Dub
By Marc Ngui
Preacha Draws & Ramblin
By Kofi Oduro
Live performance
1a. Stranded in Bed
By Faune Ybarra
Curator Talkback
Featuring Diasporic Futurisms [Adrienne Matheuszik and Vanessa Godden]
19 mins 24 secs
October 16, 2020
Galvanized Suns Panel Discussion
Moderated by Sarah Mo and featuring Ana Luisa Bernardez Notz, Luis Navarro Del Angel, Kanika Gordon, and Marc Ngui
46 mins 15 secs
October 17, 2020
Galvanized Suns Intermission Card Excerpt [Orbit 2]
Intermission Card animation by Adrienne Matheuszik and Intermission Card sound by Vanessa Godden
Excerpt is 5 mins
October 16, 2020

Curated by Diasporic Futurisms [Adrienne Matheuszik + Vanessa Godden], 'Galvanized Suns' features artworks that re-imagine pasts, presents and futures through narratives of diaspora outside of Western hegemony by artists, designers, performers and writers who contribute to Caribbean and Latin American diaspora culture in Canada.

The event features fourteen artists from across Canada including: Aisha and Andalah Ali, Ana Luisa Bernardez, Michaela Bridgemohan, Jonathan Chan-Choong, Antonio Coello, Luis Navarro Del Angel, Roya DelSol, Kanika Gordon, Queen Kukoyi, Jean-Pierre Marchant, Olivia McGilchrist, Marc Ngui, Kofi Oduro, and Faune Ybarra.

Drawing from the roaring beats of rainstorms against galvanized rooves of the Caribbean and Latin American landscape, Galvanized Suns aims to gather and galvanize voices from this diaspora in Canada to critically and creatively reimagine pasts, presents, and futures beyond xenophobic, Western-centric systems of oppression.

Galvanized Suns is a three day event centred around a media program. The first day is an internet live stream of net art, video art, sound art, performance art, creative or critical writing, readings, and animations. This portion of the program is being re-streamed for the subsequent days of the event. The second day features a curator talkbalk in which Diasporic Futurisms will discuss the programming and concepts behind Galvanized Suns. The third day of Galvanized Suns presents a talk back series with artists featured in the media event. Each event relates back to the media art featured in the live stream to build entanglements between art, literature, and activism.

Galvanized Suns is a three day live-stream media event organized by the curatorial collective Diasporic Futurisms in partnership with Subtle Technologies. Galvanized Suns is the first of an ongoing project exploring diverse facets of transformative practice.

Galvanized Suns is generously supported by the Canada Council for the Arts: Digital Originals Grant

Galvanized Suns is a project of Subtle Technologies 2020 Emerging Curator Mentorship Program. Subtle Technologies is a Toronto-based platform for community-building and knowledge-sharing at the intersection of art, science and technology.