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Blxck Womxn
Blxck Womxn
By Queen Kukoyi

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Queen is a Black Bajan of Nigerian Ancestry, Queer, Femme presenting, Mother, Author, Scholar, Activist, and International Artist as well as Executive Director at BSAM Canada Institute. As a creative Queen explores poetry, digital collage, and animations along with installation work that explores concepts around the Afrofuturistic meditative space. Queen uses the lens of Afrofuturism 2.0 in her visual arts, mindfulness, and storytelling to facilitate discourse that decolonizes the Black identity and affirms all intersections of Blackness.

The 'Blxck Womxn' installation seeks to build on the belonging and celebration of black womanhood bloomed in the resistance of White Supremacy. In acknowledgment of the history, this work hopes to provide a theoretic framework for the consequences of singularizing the black womanhood trope and it may begin to aid in the realizing of all intersections of Black women. Black women can collectively begin redefining what Blxck Womxnhood means. Through radical understanding, we can explore how the intersections of gender norms, racism and colorism work together. Then a new narrative is created through a transformative lens. Black women can collectively begin redefining what Blxck Womxnhood means to us, for us, by us.