Curatorial Practice > Galvanized Suns

By Luis Navarro Del Angel
Musical improvisation performance

Luis Navarro (Mexico City) is a student of New Media and Cultural Studies at McMaster University. Luis is creating a computer-music software inflected by musical expressions derived from political resistance and opposition (e.g. Cumbia). Luis usually plays with Jessica Rodriguez under the name Grupo D’Binis.

This is a real-time musical improvisation influenced by cumbia sonidera using seis8s ("seis octavos"), a computer language that allows real-time interaction with digital audio and localized musical knowledge. Seis8s is a recent project that aims to be collaborative, through consensual musical knowledge from the different personal and collective borders that exist in Latin America. Seis8s also expects to be an ideology critique of the dominant computer-music world system rather than an uncritical abstraction of worldviews. The first "module" of seis8s produces music influenced by Cumbia sonidera, a style particular to the Mexican working-class in Mexico and the United States. For more info on Cumbia sonidera see the book “Sonideros en las aceras, véngase a gozadera” available here. For more info on Seis8s click here.