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A Vision of the Sun
A Vision of the Sun
By Roya DelSol
Experimental film

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Roya DelSol is Black media artist based in Toronto. Working primarily as a lens-based artist, she aims for her work in all spheres to centre and uplift the experiences Black, queer, and marginalized peoples. She creates photographic, video, motion graphic and VR work; capturing Black femme intimacies, strength & joy in hopes of visualizing new, liberated worlds.

'A Vision of the Sun' is an experimental film drawing its inspiration from early PSA / propaganda type videos. Like these videos, it contains explicit messaging -- but rather than warning of potential harms or seeking to program it’s audience, it functions as a protection spell that will protect it’s viewers & amplify the spell’s power with each viewing. Through the use of popular depictions of Black "witches" & text overlaid on top of this imagery; the video leads the viewer through a ritual that instead honours the history of African descended religions, traditions and spiritual practice as a way of spreading information about these practices, amplifying connections to our ancestors, and strengthening and protecting Black peoples worldwide.