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Welcome to Dee Double Dub
Welcome to Dee Double Dub
By Marc Ngui

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Marc Ngui (b 1972, Georgetown, Guyana) is an artist/designer based in Windsor, Ontario. He trained as an architect before devoting his creative practice to concept creation, visual communication and storytelling using the formal conventions of information diagrams and graphic novels. Marc's work has been exhibited across Canada and internationally, including The Orpheus Institute, Ghent, Belgium; The JR Ishinomaki Line Art Festival, Onagawa, Japan; Supermarket Art Fair 2013, Stockholm, Sweden; The Kitchener Waterloo Art Gallery, Kitchener, Canada; Doris McCarthy Gallery, Toronto, Canada; and the Toronto Comics Arts Festival.

'Welcome to Dee Double Dub' is a sci-fi comic that describes a futuristic eutopian megacity on the Detroit River.
The DWW (Detroit-Windsor-Waawiyaataanong) Urbiome is a vast ecologically integrated metropolis situated on the Detroit River in the Southern Great Lakes Ecoregion. It is a radically optimistic vision of a benevolent civic structure that has evolved to enable all of its inhabitants, human and otherwise, to thrive.
Welcome to Dee Double Dub is part of a larger world building exercise, Future Parfait, which asks creators to 1) “Imagine your own perfect world, making room for all others” and 2) “Imagine it evolving from the present day.” It is a method for envisioning positive futures that are rooted in present realities. Using timelines, current events and historical precedent, a map is drawn, a story told, weaving concepts into strands of possibility.