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1a. Stranded in Bed
1a. Stranded in Bed
By Faune Ybarra

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Faune Ybarra is a “diasporic artist”, her regard to media relies on the connections she establishes with that which surrounds her. An MFA candidate at Simon Fraser University, Faune’s research/practice focuses on the interrelation of displacement and "diasporic gestures".

'1. a Stranded in Bed' is part of a work-in-progress archive where I acknowledge times, places, and spaces of the so-called “Canadian” East and West coast. I am a diasporic artist writing and making from Vancouver, coming from Newfoundland, but born and raised between Oaxaca and Mexico City. From constantly adapting to different landscapes, I’ve asked myself how and or if it’s even possible to lay roots as a non-native person when my transits resemble more those of the seeds of a dandelion. In the form of what I have come to call “diasporic gestures”, actions to ground oneself to the currently inhabited land, I sustain a conversation with the book Through Newfoundland with the Camera, published over 100 years ago, responding from the new land I’m trying to adapt to. In attempting to ground myself to the places I inhabit I claim agency over my own diasporic journey, part of a shared history of immigration and displacement.