PORTFOLIO > Embodying Entanglement

Installation documentation of 'Soucouyant' (viewer listening to audio)
Photographic documentation of audio installation, carpet made out of curry powder, chilli powder, and flour, orange armchair, side table full of eggshells, headphones
Installation documentation of Push|Pull
Book, bound by Ort Bindery, pleather, leather, thread, hair, eggshells, pomegranate juice, blood, curry powder, chilli powder
16 cm L by 11 cm W
Installation documentation of My Nipples Aren't Pink in Gallery Two
Flip book series, bound by Ort Bindery, paper, tape, Winsor and Newton 'flesh toned' gouache nipple prints
15 cm W by 10.5 cm L

Embodying Entanglement is a solo exhibition at Margaret Lawrence Gallery showcasing works from Vanessa Godden’s practice-led PhD project. The artworks in this exhibition depict how material engagements with the body narrate personal histories of sexual assault and racism. It presents embodied trauma as processual, wherein videos, handmade books, and live performances depict various organic materials—such as curry, flour, chilli, pomegranate, eggshells, and hair—cyclically filtered through the body. From table manners gone awry to items evocative of childhood nostalgia (a flip book and private diary) the performative artworks in Embodying Entanglement allude to the deeply personal ways in which Godden’s trauma is embodied.

This exhibition comprises part of the Victorian College of the Arts School of Art PhD Program. The thesis that accompanies this artwork can be found here: Embodying Entanglement