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'Pepper Spray' by Milena Pafundi (Argentina)
'Pepper Spray' by Milena Pafundi (Argentina)
2 mins 34 secs

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The video produced jointly by Milena Pafundi and the artist Sasha Sathya raises the indivisibility between art and feminist activism in the LGBTI field. Sasha defines herself as an artist, rapper, MC, DJ and producer, but also as a translesbian activist. The video seeks to make visible the fact that being a trans artist in Argentina implies the challenge of transcending powerful patriarchal barriers in the economic and cultural fields. For this reason, the artist Sasha risks to practice a self-managed form of art in order to avoid the negative consequences of violence, discrimination and stigma, while the lyrics of her songs expose with cynicism and lucidity the reality of patriarchy, and which is her secret plan for beat it. This video was produced for the agency Presentes, an LGBTQ and feminist news agency that reports from a human rights perspective in Latin America.