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Placeholder (work in process)
Placeholder (work in process)
By Faune Ybarra
Single-channel video

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Having moved between and across Mexico City, Oaxaca, Corner Brook, St. John’s, and Vancouver, my work is inherently concerned with a migratory way of thinking, questioning the common understanding of the collective memory of space and our bodies. Questioning how we come to inhabit time and land. Through my work, I intend to enact a methodology of care that acknowledges the traces of my transits as I assume responsibility for my foreignness: My legal status as a temporary resident of so-called “Canada '' and my condition of uninvited guest to the lands I travel. In this residency, I ask: Is there a language the non-human speaks that I cannot listen to? What’s my role as a diasporic person transiting the land? To whom am I accountable to when there are multiple centres in my practice? I intend to respond by enacting “diasporic gestures” that reconcile my migratory transits.